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If you've been searching for that one great pet site, one that covers everything you need to know from day one, then welcome to your new home. is your one stop for everything pet related; from a free monthly newsletterdog cuddling with cat containing valuable tips and site updates, an online store (coming soon) where you can find accessories, bowls, leashes, just about anything you can think of, to a free blog packed with tips!

I started PetStrong with the idea that everyone can have a strong, healthy bond to their pet and every animal is deserving of love. I have owned animals my entire life so I know what is involved in the training process and how hard it can be. I have also volunteered at the Humane Society so I have seen what happens when people pick out the wrong animal or they have not spent as much time as they should have training them.

Things You Must Know Before and After Getting Your Dog

This first ebook I've written is all about the time before and after you get your dog.

In the ebook, I touch on a number of key topics including:

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  • How to choose the right breed
  • Where to buy your dog
  • Basic commands such as: 'Sit', 'Stay', 'Come'
  • Housetraining methods that really work!
  • Reward and punishment techniques

As well as other helpful/fun things to do with your dog! - Building a Stronger Relationship Between You and Your Pet